Material Characteristics

The following material characteristics are natural occurrence.

Wood: All wooden products may have unique tones and patterns, as wood is a natural material. The color of wood may change over time based on environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, and light, which is a natural occurrence. Additionally, wood may develop small cracks due to its characteristic of contracting and expanding.

Fabric/Leather: The color and texture of fabric and leather in frequently used or sun-exposed areas may naturally change. Patterns on fabric or leather may vary slightly between products. Different fabrics require different care methods, so please refer to the website for product-specific care instructions.

Natural Rattan: Kave Home’s natural rattan products undergo a production process where they are soaked in natural mud without any chemical components to achieve a natural color. Some products may emit a characteristic mud odor when the box is opened, which is a volatile smell that disperses within a week when placed in a well-ventilated area.

Ceramic: Kave Home’s ceramic material is made of natural minerals such as feldspar and clay. The natural patterns and colors of ceramics vary between products and cannot be chosen during purchase.

Superstone/Cement: Superstone is an environmentally friendly stone made of durable cement material and straw, baked at high temperatures. During this process, the surface may develop straw-colored spots or fine bubbles, which are natural patterns that occur during production and are not defects.

In addition, the color and shape of other products may slightly differ from the lookbook/website images due to the characteristics of natural materials and variations in print sensitivity or monitor specifications, so please consider this when making a purchase.