Cancellation or Change of the Order (Before Shipment)

If you have not yet received the product, you can cancel or modify your order according to the guidelines below. Please check for exceptions related to pre-orders (overseas orders), display items, custom-made items, post-processing requested items, etc.

Parcel Delivery:

  • Before Dispatch: Free cancellation
  • After Dispatch: Round-trip shipping fee is charged
  • 7 Days After Delivery: No exchange/return acceptable

*If the product is assembled or the package is lost or damaged, exchage or return is not acceptable.

*Parcel delivery is based on basic unassembled shipments.

*If there was a request for assebmling before shipment, cancellation or change is not acceptable.

Home Assembly:

  • Up to 2days before the dispatch: Free cancellation
  • Up to 1 Day Before Dispatch: 10% of the payment amount and delivery fee
  • Within 7 Days After Delivery: 30% of the payment amount and round-trip delivery fee
  • 7 Days After Delivery: No exchange/return acceptable

*Delivery schedule for Seoul and metropolitan area will be notified by text or by phone.

*The schedule for dispatch to the regional logistic center will be notified by text after order acceptance.


  • The deposit paid for domestic stock holding is non-refundable.
  • For pre-order (overseas order) products, cancellation is free only on the day of the order, and a 30% penalty fee is incurred for cancellations or changes after that, even before product receipt.
  • Display items, custom-made items, and items with post-processing requests cannot be canceled or modified after placing orders, so please make your decision carefully before purchasing.